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Juicy - 5" Flick Bait (UV) - 4pk

$4.50 $8.00

THE ALL NEW JUICY FLICK BAITS 5inch (130mm)! hand poured mould to ensure we maintain its 'life like' action, the beauty of it.... The species list is about to EXPLODE! more versatile for deeper reefs larger estuary species whilst keep all the same features!

4 x Per Pack - With their large 3D eye it becomes an appealing bait in the water maximising your target species from fresh, estuary and your bay and pelagic species! Available in a pack of 4 grab yours today and get amongst those fish! Best thing of all they are environmentally friendly!!

  • Life-like swim action
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Work with either a twitch/hope retrieve will give a dynamic tail action or a constant slow retrieve to maximise the body roll, both work wonders.
  • Large 3D eye
  • Favorable swim action
  • Work well on freshwater, estuary, bay and pelagic species
  • Available in 5″ flick baits, 4.5″ paddle tails and 2.5″ paddle tails


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